Please note, this FAQ is for Grampian Pride 2020 – any changes for 2021 will added in early 2021.

General Info
Why is it called Grampian Pride?

Aberdeen Pride has been and gone, many moons ago. But more importantly, we wanted to ensure that our Pride is open to everyone. By calling it Aberdeen Pride it says that it is limited to the city folk and people in the Shire and Moray felt excluded. Pride is about coming together and being open to everyone, so we called it after our beloved region.

When is Grampian Pride?

This year’s Grampian Pride will take place on Saturday, 25th May 2019. The first ever Grampian Pride was 26th May 2018.

Where is Grampian Pride?

The parade will take place on Union Street, leaving from Holburn Junction at 10.30am. The Pride Village will take place at Queen’s Links, near the beach.

What is the theme for Grampian Pride?

The theme is “just be yourself” so literally, do that. Dress yourself & your float in anyway you want, and be proud of it. Just don’t offend, and NO nudity.

Is there a dress code?

There is no dress code as we want you to be yourself. However, No nudity please. Remember Aberdeen City is a family area and you will be parading through the city centre. At the Village we also welcome young people and families, so again, please dress appropriately.

Are alcohol or smoking allowed?

No alcohol or smoking are allowed on the parade. There can be no smoking or naked flames for safety reasons, and laws prohibit street drinking so you could face a fine (or worse).

Alcohol will be served at the Village for over-18s but please don’t bring your own! We will do bag searches as you enter and either refuse you entry or ask that you leave any alcohol to be destroyed. Smoking will be allowed in designated areas in the Village.

Is there disabled access?

Both the Parade and the Pride Village are accessible for wheelchair users and people with reduced mobility. The Parade route is approximately 1 mile or 1.5km long, and the surface of Union Street may be uneven in places – but you are welcome to be part of the parade, even if you can’t join us for the whole route. If you require assistance to take part in the parade, please contact mail@grampianpride.org.

Disabled parking will be available near the Pride Village, and there will be disabled toilets within the Village. BSL interpreters will be provided on the main stage, along with a limited amount of disabled seating. The space between the entrance and the main stage is flat and paved, but please be aware that the rest of the Pride Village area is on grass. Please contact mail@grampianpride.org if you have further questions about disabled access.

Do I need a ticket for the Parade?

No one needs a ticket for the parade, just turn up on time!

How do I register a Group/Charity for the Parade?

Anyone can take part in the parade for free, just turn up in plenty of time to take part (9.30 – 10.15 Albyn Place).

Can we have a banner on the parade?

Yes, banners are allowed, why not share with others that your charity/organisation/business is a proud supporter of LGBT rights and Grampian Pride? Just ensure it has NO bad language, does not offend others, slander anyone else or go against Grampian Pride’s beliefs.

Can we have a float?

Yes, anyone can have a float – but space is limited! You must register your float in advance (this is FREE), and your vehicle must have the appropriate insurance, safety risk assessment, etc. Details here: floats guide.

Pride Village
Do I need a ticket for the Village area?

Yes, although FREE we need people to have tickets, so we can ensure your safety – Tickets will be exchanged for wristbands on arrival. You can get your ticket for Grampian Pride 2019 here.

Why do you need my info for tickets?

The info we ask for when you get your ticket is purely for research purposes and to ensure we continue to do our best by you in the future. The information will not be associated with your name and nothing will be shared with outside sources.

Can we have a stall?

Charity Stalls – There are a limited number of FREE stalls available for charities – more details and application form can be found on the charity stall application page. Due to high demand, Grampian Pride may need to choose which charities can have a stall.

Commercial Stalls – There are a limited number of stalls available to sell merchandise – more details and application form can be found on the commercial stall application page. The fee is £100.

Food Stalls – There are a limited number of stalls available to sell food – more details and application form can be found on the food stall application page. The fee is £200.

Are pets allowed?

Yes of course, but please keep them on a lead at all times. As you the owner are responsible for both the welfare of the animal and of those around you. On entry you will be asked if you have doggy bags, and will be refused entry if you do not have the means to clear up after your pet. If your pet fouls on the grass, road or track please clear it up. We will see you and we will ask you to leave. You could also face a fine from ACC.