Couple to tie the knot at Union Square during the first Grampian Pride

We are so so excited and proud to announce that on Saturday 26th May, not only will the first ever Grampian Pride be taking place but also there will be a couple tying the knot at Union Square with an amazing story behind them!

A Union Square spokesperson, said: “Scotland is significantly more flexible about where and how you can get married, so we thought we would embrace this fact and welcome couples to tie the knot right here in Union Square – just a stone’s throw from the official Pride route. What better way to make Grampian’s first ever Pride a memorable one!

“Union Square is thrilled that Pride has made it to Grampian and we are keen to show our support. The ‘Union Altar’ pop-up is designed to celebrate the LGBT+ community and to welcome them with open arms.”

Deejay Bullock, Co-Chair of Grampian Pride, said: “It’s brilliant to have Union Square’s support for our first ever Grampian Pride march and to have them do something so special and generous to mark the occasion. Love is love, as they say.”

Justine Smithies, Co-Chair of Grampian Pride, said: “This is an absolutely amazing story and just shows that true love can survive no matter what life throws at you. I’m thrilled that they are finally able to tie the knot and on the same day as Grampian Pride. We would all like to wish them a lifetime of love and happiness.”

We spoke to the girls earlier in the week who gave us this heart warming background story, which we hope you’ll find just as amazing as we did and wish them every happiness for their big day.

We met around 10 years ago through work, where we spent a lot of time working together as friends and got to know each other pretty well. At the time we knew we had a soft spot for each other, but did not act upon that due to both being with other people at the time.

A couple years later one of us left that job and we were in brief contact on and off for a few years, then lost contact completely for a while. It was not until 4 years ago, by chance, that we bumped into each other again in a shop, only to discover that spark we had years ago, was still there! We were pretty much together from that day on! Before we knew it ( just one month later), there was a marriage proposal, a ‘yes’, and we were engaged!

We have been discussing wedding plans for 4 years now and never managed to decide on very much, and certainly had not set a date yet – some of that being due to money constraints with large food and vet bills (we have a rather large animal family)!

When we found out about the opportunity to get married via a ceremony at Union Square that would be paid for us, we joked about it to begin with, then we thought why not at least enquire. So we did.

We have since been informed we were the only couple to go through with getting paperwork in on time, so it will make our day more special since the focus is solely on us (and the Pride theme of course).

Despite the knowledge there are individuals and groups who oppose weddings taking place in a shopping centre on the day of Pride, this has not put us off. We have always liked union square anyway and are grateful someone has enabled us to make our dream of getting married, become a reality at last.

This opportunity has helped us pay for a wedding, and organise it in a short period of time and has taken away a lot of the stress associated with the planning as a lot of it is being done for us.

We are and always will be very grateful for, this rather unexpected and amazing gift being given to us on the day of the first ever Grampian Pride. Enabling us to be the Mrs and Mrs we have wanted to be for so long.

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