On Saturday 26th May 2018 the whole community came together on Aberdeen’s Union Street to make history by taking part in the first ever Grampian Pride. You all went above and beyond our expectations and thousands came along to this amazing event that our team of volunteers had put together. You blew us all away and you haven’t stopped, year after year the event gets bigger (despite COVID) and we love hearing what you think about it all. So we thought that we would give you the opportunity to tell us what you thought of the event(s) be it positive or negative. We all make mistakes and hopefully we didn’t make too many although we know that we didn’t get everything right. So go ahead and feel free to post your messages for the #GrampianPride team below.

Thank you

Grampian Pride committee of volunteers

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5 years ago

Well done folk! Would love a “Rainbow Family Picnic” next year for families with say kids under 10 or whatever in a designated separate family only area with no alcohol! But a juice and snack bar!! For somewhere to go after the procession say 11-2 or something there could be a juice bar puppet show, magician, games, under 5s toddler and baby area with slides, soft play, cars etc etc! There’s so many same sex families in Aberdeen let’s add to the event to make it totally family friendly for us with little children! Well done for all your hard work this year!

5 years ago

The day was absolutely amazing, it was beyond my expectations and the atmosphere was truly electric. It was organised so incredibly well and the variety of entertainment was spot on. The bar was the most efficient event bar I’ve ever been to and the idea to have tokens before going to the bar was genius, it made getting a drink much less frustrating than usual.
The pride village was great and there was plenty to see and lots of space to have a seat. My only small suggestion would be to have an area with actual seats ( plastic would be fine) for people with a disability. My friend has fibromyalgia and couldn’t come into to the village as she wouldn’t manage to sit on the grass.
You all put on an amazing day and i am already excited for next year! Thanks to you all for making the first ever pride in Aberdeen fantastic, your hardwork is so appreciated! Go team!

5 years ago

What a fantastic day! For the first one, I think everyone should be very proud! Hopefully, the next one will be even better. The village was great but would have been awesome to see some different stalls. Jewellery, Tshirts for sale on the day (my kids really wanted one and we don't live in town so never got a chance to get one), glitter face paint. Can't wait until next year ... roll on #GrampianPride2019

James Porter
5 years ago

The charity tent was too small and compact. Also security were a bit lazy when it came to access. They just let anyone in that said were with a charity without checking

5 years ago

What a truly amazing event & I only managed the parade as had so many bookings to do with my letters after the parade. It was just such a buzz, Justine & DeeJay you should be so so proud of yourselves. Roll on next year, bigger and brighter from this year onwards! Well
Done on a very successful Grampian Pride

Alan Mackay
5 years ago

An amazing day from start to finish. As someone said earlier seats for disabled people would be a great idea and more of the gigs around town in disabled access venues for next year other than that you all did an amazing job

Cheryl Ramsey
5 years ago

Massive congratulations on our first Grampian Pride. I would love for next year to have some more activities for children especially toddlers, would like to see the time between the parade and the village shortened a 2 hour gap between the 2 made it a bit of an anti climax. We couldn’t hear the music from up at the area near to the entrance a couple tannoys at that area would work great. Price of the alcohol was fantastic would be good to see that stay. A bigger tent for the information tent. Apart from that my family and I thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and everyone was on their best behaviour which is very very good especially for when people like us have young children with us. XOXO

Kate Simpson
5 years ago

Fantastic parade which was superbly organised and in which we were very proud to march as parents of our fantastic gay son and allies of the LGBT community. So important to be active. Hope that next year even more businesses get involved in decorating their windows and giving support. Great to see the fire brigade lead us out. Very well done to the organisers. I hope you are feeling proud. You should be.

Rylee Binns
5 years ago

Absolutely brilliant day! Hats off to Grampian Pride and everyone involved in planning this fabulous event. Astounded by the turnout for the parade and all the love that was shown by passerby’s. As I’m origanially from Aberdeen I invited my family along and this made the event even more amazing! First Aberdeen Pride and first Pride with the family. ?

Heather Herbert
5 years ago

Firstly thank you very much for all your hard work, I know how much behind the seans work going into events like this. I'm guessing the success and positive press are encouraging you all to make this an annual event, well at least I hope they are.

Are their plans to organize anything for Edinburgh / Glasgow? You may be in a position to put on a coach charge make a little surplus and plow that into next years events.

5 years ago

Great event, though could we have a better queueing system for the wristbands at Castlegate next time please?

Dan Simpson
5 years ago

I felt honoured to be a volunteer, I just can't find enough words for the overwhelming joy and happiness that you could feel on site, it was just like a huge cloud of it. It was the cleanest festival site and toilets I have ever seen too thanks to us guys. While doing surveys everyone was just so positive and encouraging about the event. I can't wait to be a part of it again, it was just such an uplifting day words are failing me again.

5 years ago

Great day! My only suggestions would be, could the headliner be on last? A few extra stalls - glitter hair/face paint would have gone down a treat. Also i agree with the post above about actual seats for the people who have disabilities. I thought the charities tent could have been moved back a bit to give some extra space for people to sit and watch the stage - we were beside the beer tent and couldn't see but didn't want to sit on the concrete in front of the stage.
I was very impressed with how clean the site was, well done guys! Especially the toilets!

5 years ago

My very first Pride event, & it was absolutely magical! My suggestions for the next one, should you have one, is that there is more recognition for genderqueer folk as there was a limited amount of memorabilia for non-binary people such as myself; The charity stalls be a little wider as it was very claustrophobic & slow ' trying to get past everyone; And more merch so more representation can be brought forward!

5 years ago

Great atomosphere well done and for a first Grampian pride well organised. I liked that there was plenty spaces to sit and that there was so many charities involved. Also I loved the idea of the wrist bands and that you got to keep them.

Although again would be good for seating for those with disabilities. Definitely a bigger charity tent. It would have been great to have more merchandise eg tshirts, jewlery etc. Instead of the gigs around town I would have rathered seen the entertainment at the village. Also maybe an alcohol free zone with some activities. Maybe some after parties in venues not focused on alcohol use. But that’s just my personal opinion as not a heavy drinker.

scarlett stewart
5 years ago

It was a grate event but I only hoped there was more stuff todo that watch the main stage and that people wouldn’t be denied entry when going back in with out an adult

5 years ago

So by the looks of things it sounded and looked like a really great event but sadly because I do not live in the city or go in often I had no idea it was happening. It was such a shame as well because I had just came out so it would of been brilliant to go. So please can you advertise more in the Aberdeenshire area. And please please please do one next year #grampianpride2019?️‍??️‍?

4 years ago

Well done to the whole team for organising a really fantastic event! Already looking forward to next year's! Following on from the comment about the Castlegate above, it was all a bit chaotic with so many people in a relatively small area. (I didn't even see that you could exchange tickets for wristbands there.) Perhaps some kind of key speaker to close out the march and advertise the events for the rest of the day would help?

4 years ago

The Grampian Pride parade was the first Pride I have ever attended, and even though I have very little to compare it to, I thought that it was epic! Unfortunately, I wasn't able to go to the Village afterwards but I thoroughly enjoyed the parade. It was happy and upbeat and the drums really kept the excitement up. Please bring back the drums next year! My only problem with the parade was that is was not in June, which is Pride month, but maybe the team couldn't book the parade then. Even with the error, it was only a minor issue. It was amazing! Keep up the good work! 🙂

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