Grampian Pride is totally run by volunteers and we need your help to make it happen!

It’s not just rewarding but exciting and extremely important too ! Help us to make a fantastic Pride event for the entire community and get those warm fuzzy feelings knowing that you’ve helped to make it happen ! 

Pride cannot take place without more support, we’ve all been working really hard to build a pride event that we can all be proud of and we want to be able to keep Pride a totally free event for everyone to attend (not just those who can afford it) so we can ensure that we reach those who need Pride the most and engage with the wider communities.

Below are some example volunteer positions:

Steward The Parade: The Parade is expected to attract 3000+ people, So we’ll be needing volunteer stewards to help keep everybody safe and to keep the parade moving.

Pride Village Stewards: Help us collect those vital donations that keep Pride going and help swap those tickets for wristbands.

Runners: We need some help to set up for not just the parade but the Grampian Pride Village too and just generally helping make sure that we are all ready on the day! 

Litter Collection: This is probably the least favourite job but the most important in respect of keeping the grounds clear and safe for all at Pride.

In return for your amazing help not only will you gain the experiemce of being involved in a large event and recieve training, We’ll also make sure that you’re fed and watered throughout the day for FREE !


For more information and to volunteer please send an email with your full name, contact details and date of birth to

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