Floats Guide (brief)

Please note: the full floats guide can be found here.

Who can take part?

The Parade is open to individuals, organisations, businesses and community groups who provide direct services to the LGBT+ community or support and celebrate the LGBT+ community, its achievements, culture and aspirations. Individuals are not required to register for the parade, but we ask groups with floats and groups of ten or more people to register.

Who can provide a float?

Anyone willing to organise and pay for a float is welcome.

We have broken down the types of floats into 3 simple categories:

  1. Community group float – organised and run by an individual or community group.
  2. Charity float – organised and run by or on behalf of a charity.
  3. Sponsored float – organised and run by or on behalf of a business / organisation.


Grampian Pride will not charge individuals, groups or organisations for participating in the Parade. However, if your organisation has the means to become an official sponsor or make a donation we would be most grateful. Please contact fundraising@grampianpride.org for details.

By becoming a sponsor or making a donation you are helping ensure that Grampian Pride stays free for those who need it, creating an inclusive and fun event.

Brief Information about Charity & Sponsored Floats

  • Charities, businesses and organisations are allowed to display their name or logo in two locations, for example, on each side of their float.
  • Sponsors must support diversity and inclusion within their organisation, and exhibit a message to show support for the LGBT+ community group.
  • Float organisers are required to share information about participation on social media and/or other outlets, such as email bulletins leading up to the event.

Brief Information for Floats & Vehicles

  • Your float needs to fit on the road and make necessary turns easily without holding up the parade. Maximum dimensions are: Width 2.5 Metres, Length 10 Metres, Height 4 Metres.
  • Drivers must be insured for the vehicle they are driving and must have the correct driving license. The license and insurance certificate should be available in the vehicle for inspection prior to the start of the Parade.
  • Vehicles will be inspected by the Grampian Pride team prior to the start of the parade. If deemed ‘unfit for purpose’ the float will not be allowed to participate in the parade.
  • The length of your signage should not exceed 50% of the length of your vehicle.
  • Above all, your float must be colourful and represent the LGBT+ community as a whole.

Parade Placement

The placement of your float in the parade will be decided by Grampian Pride on the day.


Please read the full floats guide and book your float through the Parade Float Application Page. If you have any questions, please contact floats@grampianpride.org.


A city-wide street collection licence has been granted to Four Pillars on 30th May 2020 for the purpose of raising funds for Grampian Pride. As per the collection licence rules, no individual, charity or organisation is permitted to collect donations on the parade route, or at the village, unless on behalf of Grampian Pride. If you wish to make collections for Grampian Pride on or around your float please email floats@grampianpride.org so we can supply collection buckets.

Village Tickets

Taking part in the parade on a float does not automatically entitle you to entry into the Pride Village after the parade. Individuals wanting to partake in the festivities between 1pm & 9pm will need to register for their free ticket via our website. Charities/organisations that have a stall within the village will receive two tickets as per your stall agreement. Anyone extra to this agreement will need to obtain a ticket.